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Exercise Your Marriage
with Lindsey and Daniel Crouch

Fit Body, Fit Marriage

We believe that physical fitness is imperative in a successful marriage. Not only does exercise relieve the stress we might otherwise dump on our spouse, it enables us to shape our bodies into aesthetically pleasing tools which keeps our spouses interested and takes the stress off of looking to other bodies for pleasure.

Being fit is also a great way to show your spouse how much you respect yourself. People tend to treat us the way we treat ourselves, so if you take the time to exercise and eat right your spouse will see your work and should want to help your healthy cause. Studies have shown that when one spouse adopts or eliminates a habit, the other spouse’s chances of adopting or eliminating the particular habit are substantially higher as well.

Fitness is an investment in your marriage. The benefits of a fitness routine will manifest almost immediately, but your fitness routine will also help you in the various future stages of your life. Just like saving money right now means you will have future wealth, exercise promotes future health. According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, “Adults who are not involved in exercise regimens will lose approximately five pounds of muscle per decade, while simultaneously adding fifteen pounds of fat per decade.”

Exercise is also a great mechanism for changing your mood, which means we don’t have to depend on our spouse to make us happy, rather we can make ourselves happy. Exercise is powerful because it releases endorphins, which are as strong as morphine (in fact endorphin actually means “inner morphine”). Our clients are always telling us that they feel better after they’ve exercised, no matter what their condition was before the session started. Basically, exercise is the equivalent of taking drugs, without the negative side effects.

I would venture to guess that for every degree of fitness you attain, you will save at least $5,000 dollars per year on medical bills, lost wages due to sick leave, medications or rehabilitation costs from surgery. That’s money you can invest in your home, take trips with, pass along to your children, etc.

“A ten year study on annual medical claims from 1980-1989 found that the average annual medical costs of wellness program participants were one-half those of the companies non-participants.” (T. Boone Pickens, 84 year old billionaire/entrepreneur)

Infirmities strike even the healthiest people, but the chances of being hit with a health disaster are significantly lower in fit people. Not only will your chances of becoming ill decrease, your mutual quality of life is increased. Healthy people are typically happy people, and when two happy people are together their collective energy is inspiring.

No one wants to care for an invalid spouse if they can avoid it, rather we’d like to enjoy time with our loved ones exploring the world and enjoying a life without boundaries. So invest in your spouse, your future, your health and yourself by creating a wellness plan that will return astronomical benefits.

Written by Lindsey and Daniel Crouch True Balance Health and Wellness
Personal Trainer & Wellness Guide and Lindsey Crouch - Life Coach, Organic Cooking trainer and the wife of Daniel.


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