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Exercise Your Marriage
with Lindsey and Daniel Crouch

Exercise Your Marriage

The Benefits of Exercising with your spouse

Creating and maintaining a joyous and positive mood is one of the best gifts you can offer your spouse. We’ve all known someone who vents their work frustrations as soon as they get home from a hard day. Tempting as it might be to spew your pent-up venom on the love of your life, use your mate as a workout partner instead of a punching bag. 

Endorphins, not anger, is what you need to release in order to feel good again. Here are a few reasons that exercising with your spouse isn’t only a good idea, but a necessary contribution to your most important investment.

It takes the edge off

Just like rough-housing with your brothers during adolescence, playing sports during school, or even recess as a child, exercise allows you to blow off steam in a constructive manner. A sincere investment in a training program with your spouse will rekindle your relationship quicker than a bottle of expensive wine.

It Helps to Build Respect

Exercising alongside your spouse gives you a healthy respect for the investment they are contributing into their own health plan. Just like the contributions your spouse makes into their 401K, investing into their personal health inspires hope, promise and confidence for a pleasant future together. 

When you witness your spouse investing energy and focus into something that will promote his/her current and future wellbeing you’re forced to respect their hard work and sacrifice. It’s like watching a single mom who work two jobs while going back to school to finish her degree so she can give her kids a better life. You can’t help but respect an investment that’s both selfless and personally rewarding at the same time. 

It Promotes Unity

From a physiological point of view, a heart that is able to pump at a high rate is quite attractive.  A high heart rate says, I’m healthy enough to join you for the rigors of physical activities such as fleeing from danger or intense physical labor. 

Number two it says I am healthy enough to conceive and care for children, which appeals to our innate desire to procreate and spread our genes. Subliminally reminding your spouse that you can maintain an intense heart rate is a gentle reminder that you are a physiological prize and worthwhile partner.

It’s Motivating

Couples exercise can also be a significant motivating factor when you don’t feel up to exercising alone. “Bad company corrupts good character”, however good company will remind you of your goals and help you to reach them, even when you don’t have the energy yourself. Many times after a long day of work, you won’t feel like working out, but a small nudge from the one you love can make the prospect of strengthening your mind-body-spirit connection significantly more feasible than attempting it alone. 

There are lots of smart, focused, well intended people that lack the will power to get started; this behavioral fact is how lots of trainers stay in business. That’s why God made man for woman and woman for man, to help share the load and inspire each other towards greatness.

In The Wise Heart, Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield compares the principles of Buddhism with the harmony of musical instruments played together: "Each time we meet another human being and honor their dignity, we help those around us. Their hearts resonate with ours in exactly the same way the strings of an un-plucked violin vibrate with the sounds of a violin played nearby. Western psychology has documented this phenomenon of 'mood contagion' or limbic resonance. If a person filled with panic or hatred walks into a room, we feel it immediately, and unless we are very mindful, that person's negative state will begin to overtake our own. When a joyfully expressive person walks into a room, we can feel that state as well.”

Physical activity with your spouse works on the same synchronicity principle. When you exercise together, your collective breathing deepens, your heart rates rise in unison, endorphins are released and growth hormone floods your systems. Exercising together is like taking morphine together (“endorphin” actually means inner morphine), but unlike morphine, getting hooked on exercise doesn’t have any negative consequences.

No man is an island

Working out with your spouse builds physical strength along with an intimate emotional and spiritual connection. So, kill two birds with one stone and enjoy quality bonding time with your spouse as you exercise your body and your marriage.

Lindsey & Daniel Crouch
Exercise Your Marriage

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