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Exercise Your Marriage
with Lindsey and Daniel Crouch

Lasting Marriage

Continuing Courtship Leads to Lasting Marriage


Young lovers don't need convincing to spend time together. But one look at married folks and you'll see that couple time shrinks after the walk down the aisle. Then kids come on board and suddenly, they get all their parents attention. Consider this concept. You can still put your spouse first even after the kids come along.


I'm not talking about those early days of parenting when no one but Junior is getting any sleep, and Momma and Daddy are tiptoeing their way around a bedroom cluttered with emotional land mines. No point in planning "alone time" with your honey during postpartum, Dad. When the baby blues hit, you best watch your back.


But that's a different subject for a different article. Right now, we're talking about carving “couple time” into the family schedule. Repeat after me: EVERY COUPLE NEEDS “COUPLE TIME”. A weekly date night without kids is a must.

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Learning a New language After Saying I Do

Communicating With Your Spouse

My husband and I don't speak the same language. At least we didn't when we got married. We communicated well enough through the courtship and honeymoon stages but that was because our words floated out to each other on a euphoric cloud of love. It was a hybrid tongue that lost its effectiveness about the time our first born child was born.

Jimmy speaks a language of facts and worst case scenarios. He is a problem solver and the thrill of attacking a challenge and coming up with a solution is what gets him out of bed every morning.

I am an optimist. A cheerful person by nature, I don't like to hear bad news. Through my husband's eyes, I appear to be a Pollyanna who avoids reality whenever I can.

My job is to lift him up. His job is to keep me grounded. You can see that we are well suited for each other. Conceptually, I am the ying to his yang but in reality, there have also been countless times over the past three decades when we just don't understand each other. In other words, we don't naturally speak the same language.

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Single Leg Deadlifts with Ab Crunches

Couples Exercise

In this episode Lindsey and Daniel Crouch demonstrate how to exercise your marriage by exercising together. Lindsey demonstrates a single leg deadlift, as Daniel performs abdominal crunches. Use these partner exercises to stay fit and trim as you release endorphins and stress.


Exercise Your Marriage

The Benefits of Exercising with your spouse

Creating and maintaining a joyous and positive mood is one of the best gifts you can offer your spouse. We’ve all known someone who vents their work frustrations as soon as they get home from a hard day. Tempting as it might be to spew your pent-up venom on the love of your life, use your mate as a workout partner instead of a punching bag. 

Endorphins, not anger, is what you need to release in order to feel good again. Here are a few reasons that exercising with your spouse isn’t only a good idea, but a necessary contribution to your most important investment.

It takes the edge off

Just like rough-housing with your brothers during adolescence, playing sports during school, or even recess as a child, exercise allows you to blow off steam in a constructive manner. A sincere investment in a training program with your spouse will rekindle your relationship quicker than a bottle of expensive wine.

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Single Leg Deadlifts with Ab Crunches

Single Leg Deadlifts with Superman Reach

Couples Squats

Resistance Punches

Chest Flies and Hip Extensions


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